CoastLab 2016 Organizers

Keynote Lectures

Under the auspices of:
Leading experts will share their expertise in the application of physical modelling to port and coastal engineering. Keynote lectures will be delivered by:
Bill Baird
Thoughts on the future of Physical Modelling in Coastal Engineering

Founder and Principle of Baird and Associates

Dr. Etienne Mansard
On the evolution of techniques used for Realistic Simulation of Waves in Laboratory Facilities

Former Director of NRC Canadian Hydraulics Center and President of IAHR

Professor J. William Kamphuis
Coastal Modelling - a Retrospective

Professor Emeritus in Coastal Engineering, Queen’s University, Canada

Dr. Dan Cox
Physical modelling of tsunami and hurricane surge hazards to increase community resilience

Professor of Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Oregon State University, USA

Dr. Tomoya Shibayama
Recent Progress of Physical Modelling Based on Field Investigation for Tsunami and Storm Surge

Professor of Coastal Engineering, Waseda University, Japan
Dr. Marcel van Gent
Coastal structures with Open Filters under Wave Loading

Head of Coastal Structures and Waves for Deltares