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Dr. J. William Kamphuis

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Keynote Lecture: Coastal Modelling - a Retrospective
Bill Kamphuis is Emeritus Professor of Coastal Engineering at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He was for 32 years director of the Queen’s University Coastal Engineering Research Laboratory and developed a world-class program of Coastal Engineering at Queen’s University.  He has taught courses in coastal engineering, coastal processes, tides and estuaries, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, open channels and hydrology.  He also specialized in numerical analysis and is a recognized expert in the fields of (physical and numerical) modeling.  He has been a guest lecturer at many institutions, has published over 130 research papers covering a broad range of topics in Coastal Engineering and is the author of the widely used reference and textbook:  “Introduction to Coastal Engineering and Management”.  Bill is president of J.W. Kamphuis, Associates Limited, an international coastal engineering practice, and authored of over 150 consulting reports for clients. Bill is also the recipient of ASCE’s 2006 International Coastal Engineering Award.